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Communicate Effectively the gentle way with Steve Lantvit's line of Bits. The SLH Snaffle bit is a soft, gentle D-Ring with curved mouthpiece and copper inlay to promote comfort and palatability for your horse. Bit comes in all Silver or with Black Steel rings and twisted accent. SLH Silver Snaffle is shown here.

Steve's leverage bits are hand-crafted, come in a variety of mouthpieces, and provide the correct balance in the horse's mouth which is lacking in the majority of bits on the market. The leverage bits also have bit hobbles which keep the bit from flipping upside down in the horses mouth.

SLH Snaffle Bit Silver
SLH Snaffle Bit Black
Hand-crafted Ported Leverage with Cricket
Hand-crafted Smooth Leverage
Hand-crafted Ported Leverage without Cricket
Hand-crafted Tongue Relief Leverage Bit