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Complete Bridle SetsComplete Bridle Sets
These sets are Steve's favorite bridles sets and are "ready for riding" PLUS enjoy $savings by purchasing a complete set.

All the snaffle sets have the SLH Snaffle bit featuring a D-Ring with curved, sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlay to promote comfort and palatability for your horse.

All leverage bridles have hand-crafted leverage bit featuring a 5 1/2 inch leverage, 5 inches wide with different mouthpieces to accommodate a wide variety of preferences.

All of our bridles are made with Hermann Oak Harness Leather, heavy-oiled and hand-rubbed. The feel and durability is top quality. You must feel it to appreciate the quality!! Made in the USA.

Shown in picture: The Cowboy Tradition Snaffle bridle set.

Desert Flower Snaffle Set
SS Floral Snaffle Set
Cowboy Tradition Snaffle Set
Quick Change Split Rein Snaffle Set
Antique Flower Snaffle Set
The Rattlesnake Snaffle Set
The Rattlesnake Leverage Set
The Copper Cricket Leverage Set