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Halters & LeadsHalters & LeadsHalters & Leads
Professional grade groundwork tools are of utmost importance. Our halters and leads are our unique design to provide effective communication to the horse.

The halters have a floating loop feature (where your lead attaches) that prevent the cheek-pieces from going into the horse's eyes.

The leads feature top quality hardware that doesn't lock-up and has "body" and a lot of feel to use for desensitizing and lunging.

The Steve Lantvit Halter lead combo has our halter with the lead attached through our special feature loop. NO HARDWARE. All leads are black but you get your color choice on the halter. This product is one-piece unit without any bulky hardware or knots from the lead. This halter lead combo is perfect for doing groundwork and training.

The Steve Lantvit halters are made with 1/4" Double Braid Polyester and the lead is made from double braid polyester 5/8" (also known as yacht braid) and is Approx. 12 ft long.

All our halters and leads are individually hand-tied by my wife Jenn right here in the US.

The SLH Halter
SLH Lead with Snap
SLH Halter Lead Combo